Featured Photographer: Maxim Guselnikov Part Two

Maxim Guselnikov • Part Two

Portraitist / Musician / Educator12246779_1111498048861982_6301924627942467966_n

Maxim is a master of natural light – “I guess working with natural light. I work at  mastering it all the time since I`m really to lazy to carry different lighting stuff so I`ve decided to work with available light only.”

Mytishi, Moskovskaya Oblast’, Russia




Give us some insights to you, your process and your art?

While watching movies or other photographers works I always save some screenshots or photographs to get inspiration from. This what develops my visual experience. When you see how someone else bring their ideas to life you see the actual difference between good and bad realization. And that forms your visual vocabulary. All in all it`s really hard to bring something new to photography world but if your visual vocabulary is good enough and you`ve seen a lot of good and bad stuff then you`ll have few options to avoid mistakes and materialize your idea carefully and attentively.

What other artists, photographers etc have influenced your work? and how did they?

Too many of them. Last year I`ve found Alessio Albi and his portolio blew me away. I really loved atmosphere, emotiveness, dark and moody post processing. It looked like a scene from a movie.

How do you feel about “everyone being a photographer” these days? how is this new landscape effecting you?

Totally OK with that. It`s their business and everyone can reflect him or herself the way they like.

Social media… a god send or the spawn of satin, explain!

God send I guess. It is first time in history of art when you can become famous while living in a small town in the middle of nowhere.

What websites do you visit regularly for inspiration?

Flickr, DeviantArt, 500px and watch a lot of movies.

Who would be the top three models on your to shoot list?

Kara Delavigne, Allison Brie, Valeria Lakhina.

As a photographer are you a make them perfect in post kinda guy or they are human and have a few flaws kinda guy?

Second. I really try to keep it natural while retouching my images and don`t work with flaws like scars, wrinkles etc because all this stuff reflects personality.

Are you generally working with professional models or are they less experienced? and do you have a preference experienced models or new models?

I tend to work with experienced models but sometimes I give a try to amateurs or new faces. Usually girls that are more experienced give you faster results but also they`re like playing the same song on different shoots – you need to stop it and explain her that while being really nice model she should try something new what will fit your idea. So even with experienced one you should control everything.

Do you shoot nudity also?

I used to but then I`ve discovered that nowadays whole nudity genre is discredited due to a lot of foul attempts and shots that was made without any purpose despite nudity. I don`t understand that. Everyone want to shoot nude girls while only few tries to capture the beauty of woman by creating visual stories about them and their inner beauty.

In your portraits are you trying to capture the actual person or are you creating a character?

Let me say that I try to create a character that`ll suit the actual person the most and let her express herself freely while being as true as possible.

  max-DSC_9639 max-DSC_3482 max-DSC_5412 max-DSC_6991 max-DSC_0376

Preferences: Maxim Guselnikov

Natural light or Artificial light

Natural light

Create or Capture it

Create it

Direct the model a lot or give them freedom

Direct a lot

Love critique or just do your own thing and leave me alone

Do your own thing and leave me alone

Location or Studio


Dark beer or Light beer

Light beer
max-max-DSC_0360 max-DSC_1703 max-DSC_8893 max-DSC_5436
max-DSC_0412 max-DSC_2125 max-DSC_4878 max-DSC_1686

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