Featured Photographer: CAC Photography Part Two

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Photographer / Ringmaster / Instigator

 Austin, Texas

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Give us some insights to you, your process and your art?

I endeavor to shoot things that make me laugh, move me or turn me on (for lack of a more eloquent term). It could be the way the light hits something or wondering what a particular piece of clothing would look like on someone and then I build from there. Currently it's more about trying to get people out of their comfort zone (including myself) and seeing what I can make of it.

What other artists, photographers etc have influenced your work? and how did they?

No on be would be surprised that I was influenced by the 80's Playboy stable of photographers. The people who's work I've actively studied include Annie Leibovitz, David LaChapelle, Terry Richarson (not sorry),  Steve McCurry (simply amazing) and Phillipe Halsman (old Hollywood like no other). Then there's a mix of artists like Andy Warhol, Olivia, Tim Bradstreet and Luis Royo. And I have to mention my contemporaries like Corwin Prescott, Allen Henson, Hugo Velasquez (and possibly a little Bad JohnPaul and Mark Daughn).

How do you feel about “everyone being a photographer” these days? how is this new landscape effecting you?

It mostly just gives me a good laugh.

I don't overestimate myself or consider what I do fine art. But when I see what passes for photography these days and how the Facebook bandwagon not only heaps praise, but also ponies up money for it, I have to laugh.

That said, a photographer I know, who is quite good, just did a gig where he could only use an iPhone 6 and native software and it was fatalistic; definitely worthy of the recognition it received.

Social media… a god send or the spawn of satan, explain!

I love it. From MySpace, to Twitter, to Facebook to Instagram, and beyond, it is where my audience comes from and continues to grow. Networking, publishing, posts on other sites and live shows are definitely still mandatory, but social media is the gateway.

What websites do you visit regularly for inspiration?

I follow a ton of artists I respect on social media. I also visit Breed and F-stoppers and an occasional Zine I discover through Instagram.

You clearly have a penchant for the clean more simple background, why? Did that come from somewhere?

It started as necessity (because my other option was dingy, cheap apartments) and became integral to my style. I love it and the only way to improve it is an even bigger clean space. That said, I love shooting in nice houses, and my most popular set to date was called The Morning After, which depicted people in horrible shape or bad situations in trashed sets that actually took quite a bit of location scouting, set up and time.

Where are you heading with your photography? Any particular goals?

I'm never content with my photography, but I am content with it being a part-time job and creative outlet at this point. My goal for 2016 is to continue to improve personally and to grow my audience by a substantial percentage.

Who would be the top three models on your to shoot list?

I have been lucky enough to get to work with many of the models that I was inspired by when studying the photography of my contemporaries.

My (mostly) realistic Wish List


Nick Bateman

Paige Hathaway

As a photographer are you a make them perfect in post kinda guy or they are human and have a few flaws kinda guy?

I have recently discovered an acute appreciation for showing people as they are, but capturing them in the best light and angles.


Tripler Pell


Ziggy Ramsey / Felicia Hershey


Jessica Johnson


Jessa Peters

Preferences: Chris Clark

Natural light or Artificial light


Create the image or Capture it

Used to be create, now definitely capture

Direct the model a lot or give them freedom

Depends on the model

Love critique or just do your own thing and leave me alone

Critique is essential

Location or Studio


Ice in your bourbon or neat


Rossi Saenz


Mika Lovely


Katie O'Brien


Lacy Neugebauer


Krista Palmer

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