Gathering String

Gathering String
by Gay Isber I am a hyper-vivid dreamer – sleeping or awake. My eyes seems to shut down and I can see in my mind’s eye creations that put together items so perfectly that I just have to physically make them. Almost every morning, I wake up and can see jewelry that honestly wows me. If I don’t see them, I will wait in place, replay the last dream until I spot it. It is almost always there, just waiting or playing hide and seek. It makes me love going to sleep. In my nighttime dreams, I often see things that have never been seen before, even colors that are not really there, smells are included sometimes, sometimes I am speak in Spanish, I taste things, music is often in the background and twists and turns evolve into problem solving my latest quandary. They are so rich in texture and character that I feel like they are block buster movies. If I could somehow get tubes in my head to siphon off the visions into a monitor so that others could see what I see, I would be rich.
I look forward to going to sleep at night just so that I can see what new movie will be showing between the moon and the sunrise.
My brain, while I sleep just loves: having adventures, making jewelry, entertaining me with story lines and creating arts of work. Last night, for example, I saw a new breed of glowing, sparkled bugs that hopped far away with a click and a snap when I touched them, glittering as they soared in a rainbow colored arch – they were so cool and fun and I loved how they soared and sounded. Often, I see my childhood homes but also amazingly cool designed interiors that I wish that I lived in. I see friends from years ago and hear their voices perfectly. I get to see other items that just please my soul. But every day, I see jewelry right when I go to sleep or immediately when I wake up. It is such a gift to have your days’ work laid out before you hit the coffee pot. Not every item gets made. I have many that keep coming to me over and over and they will keep appearing, until I finally make them. Currently, three items I just can’t seem to get up the ingredients to make are always there every morning, waiting patiently. I have a degree in journalism, from way back. My first love is writing – thankfully, as it has been my most used tool over the course of my adult life. In my fantasy life, I rent small, stylish homes, always with an amazing views and write for a month at a time – only to move to another location to do the same again. It really reveals my nomad tendencies. I have moved more than 20 times in my life and look forward to moving again. The gypsy magpie in me always wants me to create jewelry – shiny things and dark things. And that has somehow, mostly paid the bills.
I am a true slave to creating things.
As a reporter “gathering string” is a term where you collect tidbits, facts, phone numbers, contacts, ideas, locations and other information that will assist in writing the story. Shortened to “string” it is much like I do to create jewels. During the day, I collect string and then at night my brain puts my string into dreams and solid formed ideas to entertain me. I prewrote this article in my dreams. The ether is so good to me – such a gift. My string includes: audible books, color combinations that excites my eyes, fossils that I find interesting, articles on nature, birds, museums, TV shows, books, Pinterest, and more. I am passionate about historical items. Flowers always excite me – (if I had a penny for every dollar that I have spent on plants I would be rich). I am just naturally curious about the world around me but
I find travel the best for my string gathering.
I use to shy away from fashion magazine, and still kind of do. They overwhelm me if they are great. If they inspire me, I often write to the editor. I read the New York Times and sometimes just have to take in small doses of the T magazine, if it is a wonderful one. They have special editions on design that they print a few times a year that have sometimes been super inspiring. If they are great, it will overload me with excitement and it can just be too much. I will look at it until I feel my heart speed up and race. Only by closing it am I relieved. I rarely leave my studio during the day. Just ask my hubby, I can go a few weeks without peeking out my front door. I must be the creepy lady at the end of the cove that is rarely seen. I am content to just make things as fast as possible to keep my muses at happy. Thankfully, I can order the world through the Internet. It is the Internet of Things and I love those things. And string! I certainly love string! All rights reserved 2016
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Ricardo Acevedo
Brynn Route, Sera Song, Heather Webb, Mojo Mona, Adrian Conner
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Make Up:
Erin Volkman for Heather Webb and Adrian Conner
Make up by model for Sera Song, Mojo Mona and Brynn Route
Jewelry Design:
Sugar Gay Isber

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