Featured Photographer: Sophirat Photography Part Two

Sophirat Photography • Part One

Photographer / Artist / Visionary A young, female, photographer stepping out and breaking all the traditional stereotypes, shoting nudes, BDSM... Mystique's kind of person

Bangkok, Thailand
Tumblr or her website : Sophirat Photography    

Give us some insights to you, your process and your art?

Do your homework every time before your shoot but don't forget to free your soul while you press the shutter. Shot only the right image. More quality , less quantity.

What other artists, photographers etc have influenced your work? and how did they?

I have some favorite photographers but they didn’t influence to my work. All inspiration starts from myself. It’s very important thing that if you wanna be unique, you should not let anyone has an effect to your mind or an idea. Maybe I’m not right but I believe so.

How do you feel about “everyone being a photographer” these days? how is this new landscape effecting you?

It only means you have a camera, it doesn’t mean that you are a photographer.”

Social media… a god send or the spawn of satin, explain!

I never care about social media. It’s good if I show my work and someone likes it but if someone doesn’t like it. I don’t care, because I shoot for myself, no one else.

What websites do you visit regularly for inspiration?

None, it’s strange but true, my inspiration mostly come from by another thing as a new location, interesting model, good book, also music or a quote.

I love your BSDM images, what motivated you to take that step?

I do love BSDM and I know that there are many people that also like BDSM but they can’t stand in spotlight because of the culture, traditional and so on. I want to use my art to link between people that like BDSN and others that have not experienced the beauty of it. I want to show them and tell them it’s a beautiful thing. There is nothing wrong. Hello, we have more trouble in the real world. Don’t waste your time to decide who is good or not good just because of they have a different taste from yours.

Where are you heading with your photography? any particular goals?

I hope to own a gallery to hang my work, a place for artist talk, exchange an experience. Actually I would like to study photography. I think there are more things that I still don’t know. To have my own gallery is not my real goal, I just dream about it. To study photography is also not my goal, I just want to do it. Difficult to explain but it is what it is.

Do you work with experienced professional models or are they newer more amateur models?

Both. Working with an experienced model, you will get the nice shot easily. Working with new amateur model, you will acquire a skill and get the raw talent.

Who would be the top three models on your to shoot list?

Dorka Banki Eva Anutta Baitoey Pemika

I would imagine that being a nude / fetish photographer in Thailand which outside of Bangkok is pretty conservative is a tough thing, how do you deal with that? Is that effecting the direction your photography is taking?

Well, it’s pretty conservative in Thailand but I know what my limit is and am comfortable there. Second thing is that I have a reason to do my work, if someone doesn’t understand my work. I can explain it to them quite well. There is always a problem if you do something different from everyone but you really can’t explain it to them well. I also study about nude photography and read a lot so if someone don’t understand something about nudity, I believe that I can explain or answer their questions quite well.

I believe you used to model a bit, do you feel like the experience on the other side of the camera has helped you as a photographer?

It helped me a lot. I know how to treat my models, what they want, how they feel. That makes me understand a lot if you never stand in the same place as them how would know, how they feel. Am I correct?

tumblr_nawvf0Iq1H1riif52o1_1280 26-08-13 Nude Kartoon 153 25-08-14 NUDE Mint - Mida 064-2 19-04-14 NUDE MINT 3 050-bw tumblr_mun6m9HZaD1riif52o1_1280 29-06-14 NUDE Eva - Kanchana buri 074-1
Preferences: Sophirat

Natural light or Artificial light

Natural light

Create or Capture it


Direct the model a lot or give them freedom

Direct the model

Love critique or just do your own thing and leave me alone

Critique , because I love to developing myself

Location or Studio

Both but more location

Shoot tons of frames or shoot very little

I shoot very little
24-06-13 Kanchanaburi 343-g
12-05-14 NUDE Baitoey 153-bw
22-02-15 NUDE Dorka3 099-bw
12-05-14 NUDE Baitoey 128-bw

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